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Why the Game of Battle "Winterfell's chairs have a huge story hole

HBO promises to provide the battle to end all battles Game of Thrones Season Eight. As the snowy Swansong makes the battle of Winterfell the 21st century television event, everyone is preparing for some rather large cast ports – reaching these tissues!

But, while examining David Benioff and DB Weiss have slowly waved various character arches to unify the good and the good under Sigal Stark, there is a troubling feeling that Winterfel's battle does not really have to happen at all.

In fact, Winterfell is perhaps one of the worst places in Westros and you can take a stand against the army of the dead.

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In short, the fight against the King at night and the growing band of frozen artists should really occur in Walla, in the humble Irie. Since the way back in one season, Game of Thrones Requires Irie as an impenetrable stronghold that has stood the test of time.

More than just imagining the jubilation of the king kicking the night through the moon door, the Irish wins the military characteristics of Winterfell almost every turn.

Apart from being exposed from all sides in an open field, Winterfell has a dubious history when it comes to the defensive side keeping attackers in the bay. After they died by Theon Graig and Ironborn, the Boltons took the former Stark brother, and then attacked themselves in the Bastard War.

A game of chairs: John Snow beats Ramsey


Yes, Ramsay defended himself against Stanis Hamnis, but at this point the rough Barton was not exactly in perfect shape. Over at Irie, this prides itself on the award for never defending its defenses. It was once brought under the rule of Targaryen by Visenya Targaryen, but it is a completely different story.

The fans were teasing that Robin Erin would be back in Season Eight, but alongside Edmund Tully, the couple are still in the MIA. Although Lord Roach was recently seen in a conversation with Sansa at Winterfel, there was such a sign of the insolence of Lino Passioli since the sixth season.

The Battle of Iyere was sufficient only to see the frail Rouvine meet his creator in the hands of the wretched. However, there are other, more solid reasons why Irie is where a Dany team should set up a store.

First, Irie's only form of entry is narrow. They do not call it the 'bloody gate'. Free. Because enemy forces attacked the uniform route, it was easy to rain the arrows on the dead.

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If it was not enough to deal with, the three waycastles (stone, snow, and sky) each have their own unique characteristics to keep opposing armies at bay. From crumbling stairs to rolling rocks, all this before Irie approaches.

Although the King of the Night makes the restored Rayon just fly over Irie's fortifications, but even then, he was exposed to a hail of Draganglas weapons from seven white towers that make up the imposing fortress.

Finally, let's not forget that Irie does not have a full Cryk Stark dead, waiting to be reanimated by the King at night and have a pin on the regulars series.

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Daenerys and John have seen their fair share of battles, alongside J & Jamie Lannister, are certified military masters. That's why it's so confusing to anyone that thought it would be a good idea to use Winterfell as their HQ avengers.

The dwindling survivors can reach Irie after Winterpel's fierce defeat, but it seems like they like at least two big players. There will be a tail to dragonston. Perhaps the only place for Irie to seek refuge from the White Vikers would be the water gardens in Shakespeare. Yes, it may seem like a center of a dorian garden, but these zombies covered with frost will not last a minute in the blazing heat.

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