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World AIDS Day 2018 around the corner


By Tadiwa Nyatanga-Pfupa
National and regional preparations The committee members tour the site

Preparations for the commemoration of World AIDS Day (WAD) are at an advanced stage with the organizers of the event, the National AIDS Council (NAC) are confident hosting a successful event.

The event will take place on Saturday 1st December 2018 at the Rujeko Middle School in Glendale, Mazowe district of Mashonaland Central. The province was specifically chosen as a site for its commemoration because it has a high HIV prevalence rate of 18.6%, higher than the prevalence rate of Zimbabwe as a whole, which now stands at 14%.

The theme for 2018 is: Know your status. The issue comes against the background of HIV infections that continue to be recorded. Apart from encouraging people to simply know the status of their HIV, the theme of the year has been extended to everyone to read screened for other conditions such as tuberculosis (TB), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other non-communicable diseases, foremost among them, cancer. Those who are HIV positive should know their CD4 count as well as their viral load. Knowing these will lead Zimbabwe to achieve the 90 by 90 by 90 goals by 2020 and eventually end up with AIDS by 2030. 90 By 90 on 90 state goals that 90 percent of all people who are HIV positive must know their status, 90 percent of the total Those who are HIV positive must be on treatment and 90 percent of those on treatment must have their viral burden suppressed.

NAC and all their partners in response to HIV continue to call for the strengthening of HIV prevention strategies including HIV testing and counseling, voluntary medical circumcision, prevention of mother-to-child transmission, HIV treatment, zero discrimination, non-violence based on sex, condom use, The rest.

All of Africa, Zimbabwe as a country and the National AIDS Council (NAC), as the coordinator of the national response, are working to revive HIV prevention to end AIDS by 2030.

Stakeholders and partners are willing to present the programs and services they offer in response to national HIV and AIDS in the margins of commemoration.

Marched during the WAD 2017 commemoration in Bulawayo

Ms. Evelyn Khamisa, a member of the organizing committee at the national level, is convinced that this year's anniversary will be among the best WAD events in the country. "This year we have a team of vibrant committee members on the national and provincial level, and past experiences have taught us what to stick to and what not to return to." Our commemoration is already improving every year and this year we promise Zimbabwe this event is smooth in terms of planned activities and enriched information about HIV and related conditions, saying. Ms. Moranz Masanzu of Glendale, a member of the provincial planning committee said that it is an honor for Glendale residents to be hosting such a prestigious national event. "The people of Glendale are looking forward to the events of World AIDS Day, and I am happy with the theme of the year that makes it clear that people should not be afraid to know their status," she said. "People need to know their status so that they can control the transmission of new infections. The evil of late discovery is that people die. "

The Schonland Center has about 99 000 people living with HIV and about 2 940 new HIV infections per year.

Hosting of the event in 10 districts of the state takes place on a rotating basis. The Bulawayo district hosted the commemoration in 2017 and for 2016 the place was in Kwekwe County Midlands.

From New Zealand Central hosted the event ten years ago.

The candle memorial, as well as HIV awareness, are some of the activities that will take place before World AIDS Day 2018.

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