Monday , October 3 2022

Zano-PF delegation in China Herald


The Herald

Nokutenda Chiyangwa Herald wrote
A delegation of Zanufe, 25, went to China for a 10-day workshop aimed at sharing political and economic ideas, among others. The delegation consists of members of the Politburo and members of the Central Committee.

The workshop, scheduled for 20-20 November, will be held in Beijing and will be under the theme "Party Building and Economic Development".

In an interview before leaving for Robert Gabriel Mugabe airport, the head of the delegation and member of the Politburo, Kade Abamur Matoka, said the visit was meant to share ideas and consider how Zimbabwe could grow.

"I'm leading a delegation of 25 people and this is an exchange program," he said.

"What we want to do is get their experiences and give them our experiences, you know, China is bigger than Zimbabwe in terms of the economy and their party, so we have a lot more to learn from them than to learn from them.

"The issue of how to improve the economy will be a central aspect of our visit and how they have developed their nation so that when we return, we will develop our nation as well."

The Chinese Consul, Mr. Baogang, said that the visit would be an opportunity for both countries to enjoy mutual exchanges of views while strengthening relations between the two countries.

"The purpose of the visit is to invite the ZANU-PF executives to travel to China to see developments in our country and therefore we share the experiences of China," he said.

"We want a mutually beneficial exchange of views, we want to help them in the economy and to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two sides."

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